Havells Oro Telephone Socket 1 Module

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The Havells Oro Telephone Socket 1 Module provides reliable connectivity for telephone systems. Its modular design ensures easy installation and compatibility with various telephone setups, making it a convenient choice for residential and commercial communication needs. Upgrade your telephone connectivity with Havells Oro’s dependable socket.

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The Havells Oro Telephone Socket 1 Module offers reliable connectivity for telephone systems, ensuring seamless communication in residential and commercial settings.

Key Features:

Modular Design: Easily integrates into existing telephone setups.
Compatibility: Works with various telephone systems for versatile usage.
Durable Construction: Ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.
Easy Installation: Simplifies setup for hassle-free connectivity.


Reliable Connectivity: Provides stable and clear communication for telephone systems.
Versatile Usage: Compatible with different telephone setups for flexible applications.
Long-Term Reliability: Durable construction ensures consistent performance over time.
Easy Installation: Simplified setup process for quick and convenient connectivity.


Residential Use: Ideal for homes, providing reliable telephone connectivity for everyday communication.
Commercial Use: Perfect for businesses, offices, and public spaces requiring efficient telephone systems.
Hospitality Sector: Suitable for hotels, resorts, and guesthouses for seamless guest communication services.

Why Choose Havells Oro Telephone Socket 1 Module?

The Havells Oro Telephone Socket 1 Module stands out for its reliability, compatibility, durability, and easy installation. It offers stable communication, versatile usage, and long-term reliability, making it a practical choice for enhancing telephone connectivity in various settings. Buy now. Upgrade your telephone connectivity with Havells Oro Telephone Socket 1 Module. Experience reliable communication and easy installation for your residential or commercial needs. Order now for efficient telephone solutions.


Material GradePoly Carbonate
Type1/2 Module
UV stabilizedYes
Voltageas per telephone line voltage
Retention Force - 7.7 kgCurrent Rating - 2 A DC

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Magnesium Grey, White


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