Havells Oro Indicator Lamp Support Modules

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Enhance your electrical systems with Havells Oro Indicator Lamp Support Modules, designed to provide clear and reliable status indications. Ideal for monitoring circuit operations, these modules offer easy integration, durable construction, and a sleek design, ensuring efficient functionality and safety in your home or commercial space.

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Havells Oro Indicator Lamp Support Modules
Ensure precise monitoring of your electrical systems with Havells Oro Indicator Lamp Support Modules, providing clear visual status updates and enhancing safety and functionality in any setting.

Key Features
Visual Status Indication: Offers clear and immediate visual feedback on circuit status.
Robust Assembly Plates: Ensures a secure, stable installation with a snug wall fit.
Dust-Free Glossy Finish: Keeps the appearance clean and professional with minimal maintenance.
Easy Integration: Compatible with various electrical systems for seamless operation.
2-Year Warranty: Comes with a warranty for reliability and peace of mind.

Enhanced Safety: Visual alerts help prevent electrical issues by indicating system statuses.
Reliable Performance: Consistently provides accurate and immediate feedback.
Low Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain due to high-quality construction.
Aesthetic Appeal: Sleek design complements modern interiors.

Commercial Facilities: Ideal for monitoring systems in industries and business settings.
Residential Use: Perfect for home electrical panels to indicate active circuits.

Why Choose Havells Oro Indicator Lamp Support Modules?
Choosing Havells Oro Indicator Lamp Support Modules means opting for reliability, safety, and efficiency. Their visual indicators enhance monitoring capabilities, making them an essential addition to any electrical system. Backed by a sturdy design and a comprehensive warranty, these modules are an indispensable tool for ensuring operational safety and effectiveness.

Order Now. Enhance your system’s safety and functionality with Havells Oro Indicator Lamp Support Modules. Buy now to benefit from reliable status indications and ensure your electrical setups are monitored and maintained efficiently. Secure your module today and keep a clear view of your system’s performance.


Milli Watt2 W
Voltage240 V

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Magnesium Grey, White


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