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Havells Oro Combined Plates offer a versatile solution for electrical fixtures. With options like switches, sockets, and data points in a single plate, they streamline installations while maintaining aesthetics. Upgrade your electrical fittings with Havells Oro Combined Plates for a seamless and efficient setup.

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Havells Oro Combined Plates offer a comprehensive solution for electrical fixtures, combining switches, sockets, and data points in a single plate for streamlined installations.

Key Features:

UV Stabilized Polycarbonate: Ensures no discoloration over time.
Combined Inner & Outer Plate: Neatly covers assembly for a seamless look.
Self-Extinguishing Properties: Tested for safety with high-temperature resistance.
Easy Installation: Fits securely into walls for a clean appearance.
Versatile Options: Offers switches, sockets, and data points in one plate.


Aesthetic Appeal: Maintains a clean and uniform appearance on walls.
Durable Construction: UV-stabilized polycarbonate ensures long-lasting performance.
Safety Assurance: Self-extinguishing properties provide added safety.
Streamlined Installations: Combined plates simplify the installation process.


Residential Use: Ideal for homes, providing a convenient and aesthetic electrical solution.
Commercial Spaces: Perfect for offices, hotels, and retail outlets for efficient electrical fittings.

Why Choose Havells Oro Combined Plates?

Havells Oro Combined Plates stand out for their durable construction, aesthetic appeal, safety features, and streamlined installations. With UV-stabilized polycarbonate and self-extinguishing properties, they offer long-lasting performance and safety, making them a reliable choice for electrical fittings. Buy Today. Upgrade your electrical fittings with Havells Oro Combined Plates for a clean, safe, and efficient solution. Order now for seamless installations and lasting performance.

FR GradeYes
Material GradePoly Carbonate
UV stabilizedYes

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1 M, 2 M, 3 M, 4 M, 6 M, 8 M (V), 8 M (H), 12 M, 18 M


Satin Gold, Antique Copper, White


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