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Experience the ultimate in comfort and control with the Havells Oro Fan Regulator.

Offering precise fan speed adjustments, this regulator ensures optimal cooling and energy efficiency. Its good design and dust-free glossy finish enhance durability, while a 2-year warranty guarantees quality and performance. Perfect for creating a tailored ambiance.

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Elevate your cooling experience with the Havells Oro Fan Regulator, designed for seamless integration and unmatched energy efficiency, providing precise control over your indoor climate.

Key Features

  • Precise Speed Control: Adjust your fan speed to your exact preference, enhancing comfort.
  • Robust Assembly Plates: Ensures a secure and durable fit in any wall setup.
  • Dust-Free Glossy Finish: Keeps the regulator looking sleek and new with minimal cleaning.
  • Energy Efficient: Helps conserve energy by allowing for customized use of fans.
  • 2-Year Warranty: Comes with a warranty against manufacturing defects for peace of mind.


  • Enhanced Comfort: Tailor fan speeds to create the perfect room atmosphere.
  • Long-Lasting Durability: Built to last with high-quality materials and construction.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Adds a modern touch to any room with its glossy finish.
  • Reduced Energy Bills: Energy-efficient design lowers electricity consumption.


  • Residential Use: Ideal for homes needing flexible and comfortable fan speeds.
  • Commercial Settings: Perfect for offices, hotels, and schools where comfort is key.

Why Choose Havells Oro Fan Regulator?

Opt for the Havells Oro Fan Regulator to ensure precise control over your environment with the added benefits of energy savings and stylish design. Its robust construction and easy maintenance make it a practical addition to any setting, backed by a 2-year warranty for ultimate peace of mind.

Order Today. Control your comfort efficiently with the Havells Oro Fan Regulator. Order now and enjoy a perfect blend of style, performance, and energy efficiency in your daily life. Secure your advanced cooling solution today.


BaseWhite Poly carbonate FR Grade UV stabilized
Voltage240 V 50 Hz AC
Wattage80 W

Additional information


Magnesium Grey, White


1 Module, 2 Module


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