Havells Type 1+2 AC Surge Protection Devices TP+N

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These Surge Protection Switchgears and MCBs from Havells are intelligent, automatic and extremely reliable circuit breaker that are the best electrical products from Havells.

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  • High Discharge Current
    • Imax 50 kA (L – N)70 kA (N – E)
  • Compact Size
    • Integrated Type-1 & Type-2 protection in small module width. Ideal in all reduced-size plants
  • Better Protection
    • Voltage protection level 1.5 kV
  • Pluggable Cartridges
    • The faulty cartridges can be easily replaced without changing the entire SPD. Also they can be replaced with mains voltage ON. (All these cartridges are marked with characteristics for ease of maintenance)
  • Dedicated Protection of the Neutral
    • The 1P+N and 3P+N SPDs with dedicated protection of the neutral pole discharge the common and differential mode overvoltages that may occur in installations with TT and TNS systems when there is a surge in the voltage
  • Remote Signaling Contact
    • There is an option to remotely monitor the status of the surge protector
  • End of Life Indicator
    • There is an end of life indicator
  • Finger Touch- Proof
    • The Terminal - IP 20
  • Simple professional installation of arrester modules
    • The cartridges are mechanically coded to avoid cartridge replacement errors
  • High Terminal Capacity
    • 35 sq. mm Terminals
  • Ease of Installation
    • Dual position of Din-rail clip


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