Breezalit Riveria 600mm 24″ plated finish ceiling fan

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Elevate your decor with the Breezalit Riveria 600mm 24″ ceiling fan. Featuring a stunning copper electroplated finish and a powerful motor that delivers high-speed air movement, this fan combines exceptional efficiency and elegant design to provide optimal comfort and a touch of luxury to any space.

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Introducing the Breezalit trendy fans- Riveria 600mm 24″ ceiling fan! Where sophistication meets functionality, delivering an unmatched cooling experience with an elegant copper finish.

Key Features

  • Powerful Motor: Ensures high-speed air delivery with an efficiency of 130 cmm.
  • Superior Electroplated Finish: Adds a luxurious copper shine that enhances any room’s aesthetics.
  • Wide Oscillation Control: Provides extensive air coverage, ensuring every corner is cooled.
  • High RPM: Operates at 860 RPM, generating strong airflow quickly.
  • Compact Design: Ideal size for optimal performance in both small and medium-sized rooms.


  • Enhanced Air Quality: Circulates air effectively, improving the overall environment of your space.
  • Energy Efficiency: Uses only 70 watts of power, reducing electricity consumption.
  • Stylish Addition: The elegant look complements sophisticated interior designs.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last with high-quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • Quiet Operation: Designed to work silently, perfect for bedrooms, libraries, and study rooms.


  • Residential Use: Ideal for bedrooms, dining rooms, and living areas where style and comfort are key.
  • Commercial Settings: Enhances the ambiance of boutiques, small offices, and reception areas.
  • Hospitality: Perfect for providing guests with comfort in hotels and restaurants.

Why Choose the Breezalit Trendy Fans – Riveria 600mm 24″ Ceiling Fan?

  • Choosing the Breezalit Riveria means investing in a blend of top-tier performance and exquisite design.
  • Recognized for its advanced technology and remarkable craftsmanship, this fan stands out as a testament to Breezalit’s commitment to quality.
  • With competitive pricing, the Riveria is an economical choice for those seeking luxury without the lavish expense.
  • The fan’s robust construction and reliable performance are backed by Breezalit’s stellar reputation in the industry, ensuring customer satisfaction and support that matches the elegance of its products.
  • Upgrade to luxurious cooling with the Breezalit Riveria 600mm ceiling fan. Click now to bring home both elegance and efficiency!

Technical Specifications

Air Delivery130 cmm
Size24” (600 mm)

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Antique Copper, Antique Brass, Brushed Steel


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