Havells CCTV Camera Cables 4+1

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Explore Havells CCTV Camera Cables 4+1: The perfect choice for crystal-clear video signals. Buy for top-tier security!

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For transmitting video signals to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. Providing you with high picture quality, these cables are intricately designed to connect the CCTV cameras & are designed with the best raw materials.

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  • Application
    • Required to connect CCTV cameras to transfer Video & audio Signals along with power.
  • Type
    • Camera Cables
  • Size available
    • 3 + 1 & 4 + 1

Type-Camera Cables

Min. distortion of video frequency range

Clear Picture even on low frequency

Available in 90 m pack.

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90 m, 305 m


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