Havells Pacifio Mica Convenction Heater

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Experience the Joy of Winters with Havells Room Heaters with Micathermic Technology & 2 Heat Setting (Black & Rose Gold). Shop Now and Create Your Warm Haven.

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  • Mica Heating Plates- Rapid heating
  • Silent Operation-Noiseless operation during heating
  • Safety-Over heat protection
  • Safety-Tilt over switch for safety
  • Wattage- 1500W (3Plate) and 2000W (4Plate)
  • Micathermic Technology- The heating element is embedded within mica stone thereby providing quick and efficient heating.
  • Rapid Heating- Micathermic panel heaters heat quickly. It heats up a larger area with little effort.
  • Silent Operation- With no fan required, mica panel heaters perform without added noise.
  • No Depletion of Oxygen- It maintains optimum humidity levels in the room thereby avoiding any oxygen depletion.
  • Multi Directional Heating- It provides multi directional heating resulting in even warmth in every corner of the room.
  • 2 Power Setting- It allows to customize your heating needs with the adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings.
  • Extra Safety with Tilt Switch- Coupled with tilt over switch and ergonomic design it provides extra safety.
  • Light Weight Room Heater- Light weight, compact, portable unit with convenient wheels, makes it easy to heat any room.
  • Portability- Caster wheel for easy mobility.
  • Warranty- Havells Pacifio Mica Heater comes with 2 years warranty.

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1500 W, 2000 W


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