KIW X Series Wall/Window Mount Exhaust Fans

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KIW X-Series wall mounted exhaust fan for bathrooms offer versatile installation on walls, windows, or ceilings. Available in various colors, they feature an ABS shutter, PET shutter, and ring options. Equipped with a ball bearing motor for durability and Certified by SAA CE RoHS for safety.

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KIW X Series Wall/Window Mount Exhaust Fans: Best wall mounted exhaust fan for bathrooms

  • Versatile Installation Options:
    • The KIW X-Series wall-mounted exhaust fans for bathrooms can be installed on walls, windows, or ceilings, offering flexibility to suit different bathroom configurations and user preferences.
  • Variety of Colors:
    • These fans are available in a range of colors and finishes, including decorative painted options and frames in golden, black, silver, or aluminum, allowing them to complement any bathroom décor.
  • Timer with LED Indicators:
    • Equipped with a timer that ranges from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, these exhaust fans allow users to set the desired operation time, ensuring efficient ventilation. The LED indicators provide a clear visual of the timer settings.
  • Humidity Sensor with LED Indicators:
    • The KIW X-Series wall-mounted exhaust fan for bathrooms includes a humidity sensor with adjustable levels (60%-90%) and a timer setting (1-30 minutes). This feature helps maintain optimal humidity levels, enhancing bathroom comfort and preventing mold growth. LED indicators show the current humidity setting.
  • ABS Shutter and PET Shutter Options:
    • The fans come with optional ABS or PET shutters to prevent back-flow, ensuring clean air circulation. For window mounts, a ring is provided for secure installation.
  • Shaded Pole Motor with Thermo Cut-off:
    • The shaded pole motor with a thermo cut-off feature ensures the fan operates safely and efficiently, preventing overheating and extending the fan’s lifespan.
  • Ball Bearing Motor:
    • The ball bearing motor reduces friction, promoting smooth operation and extending the fan’s durability, making it a reliable choice for long-term use in bathrooms.
  • Certified Safety Standards:
    • Designed according to IEC requirements, the KIW X-Series wall-mounted exhaust fan for bathrooms is approved by SAA CE RoHS, ensuring it meets high safety and environmental standards.
  • Models without Timer and Humidity Sensor:
    • For users who prefer a simpler setup, models without a timer and humidity sensor are available, still offering the core benefits of effective ventilation and stylish design.

Thus, its is the best wall mounted exhaust fan for bathrooms!

KWM-4XT (With Timerand Humidity sensor)KWM-4XST (With Timerand Humidity sensor)KWM-4XBT (With Timerand Humidity sensor)KWM-4XGT (With Timerand Humidity sensor)KWM-6XT (With Timerand Humidity sensor)KWM-6XST (With Timerand Humidity sensor)KWM-6XBT (With Timerand Humidity sensor)KWM-6XGT (With Timerand Humidity sensor)
Max Air Volume95 M³/H (4inch)305 M³/H (6inch)
 Sound pressure level at 3m34dB35dB
IP RatingIPX4
Plastic MaterialABS

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White, Black Aluminium, Sliver Aluminium, Gold Aluminium


4inch, 6inch

best wall mounted exhaust fan for bathrooms KIW X series
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