KIW K-Series wall/window mount exhaust fan

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Keep your dressing room fresh and odor-free with the KIW K-Series exhaust fan! This quiet and efficient fan mounts directly on the wall for a space-saving design. The built-in back valve prevents backflow, while the advanced capacitive motor with thermal cut-off ensures quiet operation and long-lasting durability. #quietexhaustfanfordressingroom

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Breathe Easy in Your Dressing Room: Unveiling the KIW K-Series Exhaust Fan- The quiet exhaust fan for dressing room

Space-Saving Wall Mount Installation:

The KIW K-Series exhaust fan is designed for convenient wall mounting. This allows you to maximize space in your dressing room, as the fan doesn’t intrude on the floor area. This placement also makes it easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

Effective Backflow Prevention:

The KIW K-Series features a built-in back valve. This valve plays a crucial role in preventing unwanted backflow of air. Imagine stale air or odors seeping back into your dressing room – the back valve acts as a barrier, ensuring that only fresh air enters and stale air is expelled.

Quiet Operation with Capacitive Motor and Thermal Cut-Off:

Enjoy a peaceful dressing room experience even with the fan running. The KIW K-Series utilizes a capacitive motor with a thermal cut-off. This advanced motor technology significantly reduces noise levels, creating a quiet and relaxing environment. The thermal cut-off feature provides an added layer of safety by automatically shutting off the motor in case of overheating. Thus making it the quiet exhaust fan for dressing room!

Long-Lasting Performance with Ball Bearing Motor:

The KIW K-Series is built to endure. It features a ball bearing motor that minimizes friction during operation. This reduces wear and tear, extending the life of the fan and ensuring reliable performance for years to come.

Safety First with IEC, SAA, and CE Certifications:

Safety is paramount, especially in bathroom and dressing room environments. The KIW K-Series prioritizes your well-being. It adheres to strict safety standards based on IEC requirements and is further approved by SAA and CE certifications. This ensures the fan operates safely and reliably within your dressing room.

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Model no.KM-06K (150mm)KM-08K (200mm)KM-10K


MaxAir Volume300 M³/H500 M³/H800 M³/H
RPM2800 rpm
IP RatingMetal
Plastic MaterialPP/ABS

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150mm, 200mm, 250mm

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