KIW A Series Ceiling mounted ducted exhaust fan

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Introducing the KIW A-Series Ceiling Mounted Ducted Exhaust Fan – ideal for ceiling installations. Featuring an easily removable fascia, back valve, ball bearing motor, and condenser motor with thermo cut-off. Designed for safety per IEC standards, approved by CCCCE GCC. Durable and efficient ventilation solution.


KIW A-Series ceiling mounted ducted exhaust fan:

  1. Ceiling mounted:
    • These fans are designed to be installed on the ceiling, making them perfect for spaces where floor or wall mounting is not feasible. Ceiling mounting ensures optimal air circulation and space utilization.
  2. Easily removable fascia with clips:
    • The fascia (front cover) of the fan can be easily removed using clips. This design allows for quick and hassle-free cleaning and maintenance, ensuring the fan remains efficient and hygienic.
  3. Designed with back valve:
    • The back valve prevents reverse airflow, ensuring that once air is expelled, it does not flow back into the room. This feature maintains the air quality by ensuring that only fresh air circulates.
  4. Ball bearing motor to reduce friction for long life operation:
    • The motor is equipped with ball bearings which minimize friction between moving parts. This results in smoother operation, reduced noise, and a longer lifespan for the motor, making the fan durable and reliable.
  5. Safety design based on IEC requirements, approved by CCCCE GCC:
    • The fan is designed according to the safety standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), ensuring it meets global safety benchmarks. It is also approved by CCCCE (China Compulsory Certificate) and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), confirming its compliance with regional safety standards.
  6. Condenser motor with thermo cut-off:
    • The fan features a condenser motor that enhances performance and efficiency. The motor includes a thermal cut-off mechanism that automatically shuts off the fan in case of overheating, protecting the motor from damage and preventing potential fire hazards

Best ceiling mounted ducted exhaust fan in the market!

Model No.KCM-12A
Max Air Volume350m³/h
Sound Pressure Level at 3m48dB
IP RatingIPX4
Plastic MaterialABS
Best ceiling mounted ducted exhaust fan
KIW A Series Ceiling mounted ducted exhaust fan Original price was: ₹2,990.00.Current price is: ₹2,691.00.
In Stock
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