Havells Oro 10AX Bell Push Switch

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Elevate your home’s entryways with the Havells Oro 10AX Bell Push Switch. Its sleek design and smooth push operation add elegance and convenience, welcoming guests in style. Enhance aesthetics and functionality with a 10-year warranty for peace of mind against manufacturing defects.

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The Havells Oro 10AX Bell Push Switch combines elegance and functionality, offering seamless doorbell activation with a smooth push for an enhanced home entry experience.

Key Features:

Robust Design: Fitted in sturdy assembly plates for durability.
Smug Fit Installation: Perfectly fits on walls for a neat appearance.
Smooth Push Operation: Effortless activation of doorbell.
Dust-Free Glossy Finish: Maintains cleanliness and adds aesthetic appeal.


Enhanced Aesthetics: Elevates the appearance of home entryways.
Convenient Operation: Easy push operation for doorbell activation.
Durability: Robust construction ensures long-lasting performance.
Easy Maintenance: Dust-free glossy finish requires minimal cleaning.


Residential Use: Ideal for homes, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality at entry points.
Commercial Spaces: Suitable for offices and businesses, offering a stylish and convenient doorbell solution.

Why Choose Havells Oro 10AX Bell Push Switch?

The Havells Oro 10AX Bell Push Switch is a perfect blend of style and functionality. With its robust design, smooth operation, dust-free glossy finish, and easy installation, it adds value to your home while ensuring long-term reliability. Upgrade your home’s entryway today with Havells Oro. Experience elegance and convenience with the Havells Oro 10AX Bell Push Switch. Upgrade your home’s entryways effortlessly and enjoy stylish functionality. Order now for a seamless doorbell solution.


Amperes10 Amp
Contact Pressurerocker profile provides lever effect to increase contact pressure
FR GradeYes
Material GradePoly Carbonate
Springsspecial steel springs to provide consistent contact pressure
Terminalliberal terminal hole size provided to accept twin wire looping
Voltage240 V

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Magnesium Grey, White


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