Havells Surge Protection Device Type 2 AC SP+N

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Secure your home electronics with the Havells Surge Protection Device Type 2 AC SP+N. Designed for superior safety, this device offers up to 1.3 kV voltage protection, safeguarding all terminal equipment effectively.

Featuring both Common & Differential Mode Protection, it ensures robust defense against surges. The pluggable cartridges are easy to replace, even with mains voltage ON, enhancing convenience and maintenance.

With dedicated neutral protection, remote signaling for status monitoring, and an end-of-life indicator, this surge protector is engineered for both safety and ease of use.

Upgrade your home’s electrical safety with Havells, a trusted name in reliable circuit protection.

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Elevate your home’s electrical safety with the Havells Surge Protection Device for home Type 2 AC SP+N, designed to provide top-tier protection against voltage surges.

Key Features

  • Voltage Protection Level: Protects up to 1.3 kV, suitable for all terminal equipment.
  • Pluggable Cartridges: Easily replaceable cartridges, even with mains voltage on.
  • Dedicated Neutral Protection: Specifically safeguards the neutral pole in electrical systems.
  • Remote Signaling Contact: Allows for remote monitoring of the surge protector’s status.
  • End of Life Indicator: Alerts when the device needs replacing, ensuring continuous protection.


  • Comprehensive Safety: Offers both Common & Differential Mode Protection to handle all types of surges.
  • Maintenance Ease: Faulty cartridges can be replaced without changing the entire device.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Remote signaling enables constant vigilance over your electrical safety.
  • High Terminal Capacity: Accommodates wires up to 35 sq. mm, ensuring compatibility with various setups.
  • Finger Touch-Proof: Ensures safety during handling with IP 20 terminal protection.


  • Residential Buildings: Ideal for protecting home appliances and electronics from power surges.
  • Commercial Establishments: Essential for safeguarding office equipment, servers, and computers.
  • Industrial Facilities: Protects machinery and industrial equipment from voltage spikes in power-intensive environments.

Why Choose the Havells Surge Protection Device for home Type 2 AC SP+N?

Choosing the Havells Surge Protection Device Type 2 AC SP+N means opting for reliability and advanced protection technology from one of the leading manufacturers of electrical safety equipment. With its robust design and innovative features like pluggable cartridges and remote monitoring, this device offers unparalleled ease of use and maintenance. Havells is known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, offering competitive prices without compromising on performance or safety. The company’s strong reputation is backed by years of expertise in providing intelligent, reliable solutions tailored to meet the demands of modern electrical systems.

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  • Pluggable Cartridges
    • The faulty cartridges can be easily replaced without changing the entire SPD. Also they can be replaced with mains voltage ON. (All these cartridges are marked with characteristics for ease of maintenance)
  • Dedicated Protection of the Neutral
    • The 1P+N and 3P+N SPDs with dedicated protection of the neutral pole discharge the common and differential mode overvoltages that may occur in installations with TT and TNS systems when there is a surge in the voltage
  • Remote Signaling Contact
    • There is an option to remotely monitor the status of the surge protector
  • End of Life Indicator
    • There is an end of life indicator
  • Finger Touch- Proof
    • The Terminal - IP 20
  • Simple professional installation of arrester modules
    • The cartridges are mechanically coded to avoid cartridge replacement errors
  • High Terminal Capacity
    • 35 sq. mm Terminals
  • Ease of Installation
    • Dual position of Din-rail clip


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