Avrrom 1500Ltr 6 Layer Water Tank

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Water Tanks

Discover Avrrom Water Tanks: Bacteria-free, strong built, and dust-proof. Buy now!

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Avrrom Water Tanks are Antimicrobial water tanks which come in Food Grade Material. They are UV Stabilised and thus have strong built and also the temperature of the water is not affected by extreme weather conditions.”

Free Avrrom Water Tanks delivery in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

  • Air Ventilation
    • This allows the water to maintain natural oxygen level, thus keeping it fresh.
  • Heavy Threaded Lid
    • The lid is heavy and provides a tight fit, thus ensuring protection from dust particles, monkeys etc. Also this design prevents them from getting blown off by strong winds.
  • Food Grade Material
    • 100% Virgin Food Grade Plastic is used which ensures safety & hygiene of stored water.
  • Antimicrobial Inner Layer
    • Microban/ Antimicrobial technology against bacteria, virus, fungi, algae prevents contamination of water.
  • UV Stabilized
    • Unique heat reflective technology to enhance durability by avoiding any physical damage by sun rays and reducing overall heat absorption.
  • Strong Built
    • Designed in such a way that it helps to avoid any stress formations and adds strength, durability in the tank.

Technical Details

Volume/Capacity1500 Litre
Layer6 Layer
Height1550 mm (62 inches)
Diameter1150 mm (46 inches)
Manhole Diameter350 mm (14 inches)
Warranty10 Years

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Blue, Granito, Green, Orange, White


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