CATA E 100 GTH Ventilation

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Enhance your air quality with CATA exhaust fans. Discover elegance, silence, and unbeatable deals at Avrrom. Shop and enjoy fresh, clean air today!


Exhaust/Ventilation fans: the silent heroes that ensure fresh air and comfort, eliminating unwanted odors and promoting healthy living environments. Cata introduces series E-100 India;s first ever digital extractor fan Equipped with the latest technology Our digital extractor fans have powerful suction capabilites that effectively rid your bathroom of gasses

  • Humidity and Temperature digital display to gauge your bathroom environment
  • Dual Speed System can be switched to higher mode for more effective result
  • Energy Efficient uses upto 9 watts of power
  • The Non-Stop Fan can run continuously & automatically switch to sleep mode
  • Perfect for Homes Mall Cinema Halls Hotels Office Cabins & Hospitals etc
  • Removes humidity pollutants gasses etc
  • Extra-flat white glass cover that is easy to clean just by running a damp cloth over it


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CATA E 100 GTH Ventilation 9,298.80
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