Anchor Smart Air V-01 Ventilation Fan 150mm

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Ventilation fans by Anchor at Avrrom redefine style and performance. Explore unbeatable quality, design, and prices. Upgrade now!

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Exhaust/Ventilation fans: the silent heroes that ensure fresh air and comfort, eliminating unwanted odors and promoting healthy living environments. Well, who would want to compromise especially when theres a lot of options available. Even wehen it comes to exhaust fans, gone are the days when we had very limited ugly looking products that only had functionality and no aesthetic appeal. Anchor’s range of ventilation fans are designed with a modern class, and it’s performance will efficiently blow out all the unhealthy air.

  • Inbuilt front plate helps eliminate all unwanted odours and smoke
  • Equipped with super-efficient motor for durability and designed with sleek aesthetics
  • Safety guard for both sides


Sweep (mm)150
Speed (RPM)2100
Power (W)25
Air Delivery (CMH)240

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Ivory, Stainless Steel, White


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