Amaryllis Delta W5 Ventilation Fan

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Avrrom’s Amaryllis exhaust fans: where fresh air meets innovation. Experience safety, style, and unbeatable deals. Shop now and upgrade your space!

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Exhaust/Ventilation fans: the silent heroes that ensure fresh air and comfort, eliminating unwanted odors and promoting healthy living environments. Premium quality ventilation fans from Amaryllis

  • Fully Cover Front Panel.
  • Removable Screw less front for easy cleaning
  • Design for glass, walls & false ceiling.
  • Low noise level (35db).
  • Screw less installation system.
  • High Suction Capacity.
  • Low Power Consumption.
  • ABS plastic body.
  • Silicon steel lamination motor.
V / HzWattsm3/hΦmm


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White, SS Finish


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