Havells Lifesavior Plug 16A 30mA

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Electrical switches: where functionality meets aesthetics, elevating interiors with their seamless blend of style and practicality. Havells Lifesavior trips the connected appliance in case of any detection of current leakage, thus prevents chances of any electrical shock. It can be used with multiple appliances –Irons, Microwaves, OTGs , washing machines , water heaters etc.



  • Auto trip & visual indication of Power
  • Power indicator for on / off status
  • 16 A plug with in-built RCD
  • Built in TEST & RESET Buttons- Test function is for checking any abnormality in the circuit. RESET function is for switching on the applicance after its shut down.
Heavy duty, nickel plated ass terminalsFor Higher conductivity
RatingRated 16 A / 250 V AC 50 Hz / 3000 W


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Havells Lifesavior Plug 16A 30mA 900.00
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